Johannes Kiehl, M.A.
Natural Language Processing
Computational Linguistics
University Work
UIS: The Zurich University Student Information System
> Seminar Presentation (in German, .pdf file)
Lexikalische Rekurrenz als dynamisches Maß für Textstruktur. An assessment
of Marti Hearst's Text Tiling and Gilbert Youmans' Vocabulary Management Profile
algorithms for the automatic detection of document structure
> Term paper (in German, .pdf file, size: 150K)

Formalizing a spelling rule of Lëtzebuergesch -- an unsupervised learning approach
(presentation of MA thesis project)

> Presentation slides (Powerpoint 2K file)
Regularität und Variabilität der n-Tilgung im Lëtzebuergeschen ("Eifeler Regel").
Ein unüberwachtes, induktives Lernverfahren
(Complete text of the MA thesis)
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Internet Projects
PORTAL: An information page for students, updating its contents
regularly from Internet sources

> PORTAL in action (defunct since 11-2006)
> Introductory article on PORTAL (in German)
> Term paper on PORTAL information retrieval (71K .pdf file, in German)
TSS, a Telephony Portal for South Korea
> (defunct since 01-2002)
Job related
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